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Via the Captain

So, a mediocre Hokie and now NFL quarterback gets caught running his own dogfighting league and then pleads guilty to conspiracy charges.

Blogs we have read say that NFL sanctions are still being decided by the NFL. Vick will serve likely a year in prison so will also miss at least two seasons of football.

We think the prison time would be enough punishment to be followed by trying to get back into the NFL.

As a quarterback he is damaged goods and not because he was a meanie for killing those dogs. He is damaged goods because of every dog loving outside linebacker and defensive end will be gunning for his Hokie ass, to say nothing of the center or blocking running back who "accidently" misses that block that lays him out.

Oppsies: Coulda swore that play said block left: My bad!

We think that NFL official sanctions are overkill at this point.

Stick a fork in him: Vick's done.

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