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Unless something funny happens, it appears the Georgia Booldawgs and the Ohio State Buckeyes will be in the title game in the BCS.

This has been quite a year in college football. So many ranked and top ten teams getting upset, it was hard to keep track of them all.

And thank goodness for my personal transformation program going on at the moment, otherwise I would have posted I predicted Michigan USC in the title game. Michigan, if you haven't been keeping track lost two in a row, including a first loss against a Division IA team, they lost against Ohio State at home and then they finally lost their head coach, Lloyd Carr.

It was Carr's time to go. This was a long time coming for the Wolverines coming after the 2005 season when fans were calling for Carr's head, but instead the first thing Michigan does its to replace the defensive coordinator. And defense was essentially Michigan's problem. They had the offensive tools, albeit behind a mediocre offensive line.

It was the five losses in six years to Ohio State that sealed the deal for Carr. Heck, I knew it and I wasn't even paying that much attention to that. Losing to Ohio State is what I term the Unpardonable of the Unpardonables. You lose to the Buckeyes at home, you may as well start packing.

Ohio State was, as was the Dawgs, in a rebuilding year after losing top talent on the offensive side of the ball to graduation. When Ohio State beat Penn State, I knew they were the real deal, then came for the Buckeyes, a loss to Illinois, a program on the rise which will make an impact on Big Ten football for many years to come.

You gotta wonder how the Buckeyes could lose to the Illini and then go on to win what I had earlier contended was one of the best teams defensively in the nation on their very home turf.

It happened, I know, but I still wonder about that, as well as the other two dozen upsets this year in college football.

And take the Booldawgs, please.

The Dawgs were in dire straights in the defense. Five of their front seven were graduated. The Dawgs have a dynamite secondary, but what good is that without the pass rush?

But the Dagws lost to South Caroline and Tennessee, not surprising considering the power of the SEC in college fotball, defeating in toto four ranked team.

Say what you will about Georgia recruiting head coach: Mark Richt knows how to win games.

An Ohio State Georgia game would be just the game to cap off one of the most unusual college footballs eason in recent history. Two teams that were considered to be rebuilding, instead knocks out a lot of very good team to reach the top of the rankings.

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