Dod's Report on China's Growing Military Threat subject logo: MILGAM
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The Pentagon's annual assessment of the growing military threat China poses to the US was released last month.

The report is limited to strategic and grand strategic overviews of China's current military capability.

However, in the report the DoD emphasizes some great weaknesses in China's ability to make war. The first is it's long oil supply line which runs through the straits of Malacca from Africa. China has recently been courting nations such as the Sudan and elsewhere. Given the strength of the Columbian dictator Chavez and a report which state that China is providing elements in South America with military equipment, Latin America is also a source of allies and possibly oil.

China's activity in Latin America shows in stark prominence, that China is attempting to ring mainland USA with allies to help them in their long term plans. Cutting off Chinese fuel supplies at Indonesia may not be enough in such a scenario should China choose to make their overtures to Latin America military ones.

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