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We have been trying to develop the concept of a campaign game since 2006. Dales's recent attempt on Caen was a second attempt. Both the campaigns fell short on two counts:

1) There was little means of evaluating games since the scenarios, very few of them were normal registered games and

2) There was little information about the "narrative" as it involves the two sides' respective strategies on both campaigns.

In the Caen campaign, for example, we did everything by email including laying out the strategy for the opening phases of the campaign. I had a great time planning the offensives, and we had some brief moments, albeit with little to report since this was all by email and thus Top Secret.

Let me sate now with the campaign over with I had a two phase offensive in mind. Our first objective was to secure the bridges over the Orne river and the canal and hold them until relieved by a British division yet to make landfall.

(The relieving British division was just making their way to the bridges just when the campaign fell apart.)

The second phase was to thrust due south by elements of the 50th Infantry Division and the Canadian 3rd Infantry Division in order to get control of the inner lines the Germans were using in the west to move forces from one spot to another. ( aka switchlines )

Once any counterattack at the bridgeheads were broken and the westernmost force had penetrated deeply enough, the plan then called for the western task force to swing round and drive east down the main east-west highway into Caen to assist in making heavy and concentric attacks centered on Caen forcing the German "Schwerpunct" into an even smaller area for our air forces to smash.

When Dale had to resign as gamemaster post we were just beginning to suffer the German counterattack on the Orne River bridges. Once we had sufficient tanks in the Orne River Bridgehead and the counterattacks were broken ( as I expected they would be ( We had a superb divisional commander in charge of these forces in the Orne River bridgehead)), they were then going to drive due south astride the Orne River and the canal straight into Caen to link up with the western task force.

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