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A bit of tactical advice:

Even when supported by a whole squadron of properly loaded out SU-25Ts a battalion of Russian paratroopers forcing a crossing at a river is no match for a battalion of even Iranian armor.

Russian SU25T pilots hit chances in SPMBT on their best day is no better than 32 percent, and the apparent hit curve is well below that, not to mention if the Vikr missile even penetrates.

The problem is that this is a Caspian Sea scenario, deep in Iranian territory on the southern coast of the Caspian Sea, meaning little sea-lift capability, and near zero naval fire support, only air support in the form of TU22M naval bombers and the SU-25Ts.

It's one thing to land parachute troops after a successful series of attacks against Iranian armor; in those cases when properly equipped, Russian paratroopers can gig whatever remaining Iranian armor there is, landing in the midst of the Iranian tank park.

But not crossing a river.

The basic mission after securing the bridgehead, is to expand it against an Iranian force by forcing a river crossing, which would be well in line with a normal Russian Naval Infantry mission, assuming Russians can get armor support.

But they can't because of the sea-lift restrictions.

Tough problem, with an apparently bloody solution at hand. Given the Russians can't get armor sea-lifted nor airlifted against Iranian armor, apparently an airdrop is the only solution.

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