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This post of I tried to post over at but their spam rules are just too string to permit it:

Yes, let us transfer trillions of dollars to government, you know, the guys with all the guns and the money!

That'll teach us to want prosperity!

TFA: The Democratic nominee, whose largest proposed spending items are a $1,000 tax giveaway for households earning below $150,000 and a $60bn to $70bn plan to create universal h3alth insurance, reiterated his commitment to the “pay-go” system, where tax cuts or spending increases are paid for by concomitant spending cuts or tax increases.

This is pretty funny. The proposed single payer system in Ohio alone would have been $50 billion, just for Ohio!

Try $600 billion to $1 trillion a year, that is before Congress is done squeezing billions more out of producers at every level to fund the Global Warming insanity.

The fact is government is and has been too large for too long as well as broke to boot, and has been delving into areas it should not be, such as h3alth care and television.

But the left wants to add even more money to those areas and take away from the one traditional area of government spending: defense.

This is the perfect setup for a leftist paradise: tax the producers and transfer funds to the politically reliable.

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