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A forth option would be an air and missile campaign. This is a scenario in which the US would likely have no choice but to intervene. This option is likely the least possible given China's current risk-adverse military doctrine. Such a doctrine could change quickly should Chinese general staff believe the US would not be able to intervene.

China's air force is being quickly upgraded to the Russian's SU27 multi purpose fighter and likely Chinese copies of other Western technology to add on to their current aircraft inventory.

The report also states that China has a wide variety of anti ship missiles it can use to basically starve Taiwan out by targeting shipping.

The last option is a full fledged amphibious invasion. At some moments this is as likely as it is unlikely. China has zero experience with amphibious operations other than joint exercises with Russian naval infantry, reported a few months ago. In this forum we will tackle the amphibious operations in some detail with a somewhat fuller and more detailed examination, and at a later date, in the possible outcomes of such military actions.

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