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Posted by: badanov

You know inflation is bad when it hit wargaming.

A perfectly fine Russian Naval Infantry company complete with BTR-80s in version 1.0 cost 969 points.

Now they are 1140 points.

A four vehicle T-80UM platoon used to cost about 1600 points.

Now they cost almost 2000 points.

MI-28Ns used to cost about 1004 points. The cost is bad enough but now the AI has been improved, made more efficient. Now, tanks actually cover the advance of APCs, instead of leading. They now hang back to watch for op fire from their Russian opponents.

Now Russian gunnery, which I considered marginal, is now atrocious. I guess the game design wants to display Russian gunnery as similar to placing Nancy Pelosi on the gunner's seat.

Let's face it. folks: ten rounds downrange to hit and kill the top Iranian tank,the Shilden, which is a beautified T-72, even at the nominal engagement range for the 125mm tank gun of 2000 yards is terrible.

US tankers can paint their name in the sand at those ranges, at least the male ones can.

The gunnery using the ATGM Reflecks 9M119M missile is awful as well.

I have yet to find in these game improvements any help for the Russians. It seems like the game design has them marking time instead of improving.

So, what to do about the Iranians? It's looking like Little Big Horn on some days.

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