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Look at what 21,000 point will buy in the latest update of SPMBT:

4 companies of Russian Naval Infantry, BTR infantry
2 Platoons on T-80UM BARS, Eight tanks total
1 platoon of T80UM four tanks total
4 batteries of 152mm artillery (D-20s), no transport, 24 tubes total
6 MI28 attack helos four Ataka ATGMs each, with very good ground surveillance radar capability
4 UAVs, aka as targets
6 9K22 Tunguska SAM/AAA platform
4 Forward observer teams with thermal sights and laser designators.

The T-80UMs, both types, have thermal sights and improved fire control. Usually when I play modern Russian armor I use 2,000 yards as the T-80UMs nominal range, the best chance to kill opposing armor with the best range of surviving a tank gun fight. The T-80UM BARS also has the ARENA point defense system, aka Close In Weapons System, an anti-ATGM defense system. The T-80UM non-BARS has the first generation point defense system, the VIRSS, which uses smoke to degrade a lazed tageting from opposing ATGM units.

The reason why I do not go with the T-90+ in scenarios is because of the expense. T-90+ die fast when I play then, so my choice is playing the percentages.

The FOs are worth their weight in gold. Equipped with thermal sights and riding with company commanders, these units can provide quick artillery fire when forward units make contact with opposing infantry. I haven't tried them yet with river crossing and beach landing scenarios but I have little doubt of their impact on any game.

the MI-28s are a degraded version of the MI-[28N which is a night/all-weather chopper which carries sixteen missile total and which the AI will bust its gut to kill.

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