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Posted by: badanov

Move to the back of the short bus, Jane. Arianna is trying to replace you as America's Favorite Fifth Columnist.

The Cindy Sheehan story is being pushed hard by our defeatist citizens aided by Arriana Huffington at the Huffington Toast, err Post. Mrs. Sheehan is the mother of an American killed in Iraq by terrorists.

We believe that folks like Huffington care deeply about American military as long as they are dead. They care nothing for our military in harm's way as we write.

The simple theme in the dishonest campaign is that President Bush killed this mother's son. It is a typical piece of enemy propaganda in time of war to blame leaders for combat deaths, when it was in fact an armed and hostile enemy that did the killing.

Now, Mrs. Sheehan wishes to dishonor her son's memory and his sacrifice by aiding an abetting our terrorist enemies in Iraq and elsewhere. And Arianna is doing her dead level best to help.

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