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Posted by: badanov

If you have visited this page using MS Internet Explorer any in the last 24 hours were you were greeting with a local exception stating a a DNS problem has occurred.

Pretty funny for MS to do this since nothing has been updated, not IE not the site, not anything.

Well, nothing we know about.

From watching to browser hang up, it appeared it was having a problem with Site meter, that teeny tiny html data load that takes place whenever any user loads this blog's home page.

Dunno at this point if it was from Site Meter's javascript or from the page redirects in the Site Meter code. Can't tell which because frankly I don't really know how to find out.

So the fix here was to disable Site Meter, ands so that was done.

Another website, Rantburg is having the same problem with its Site Meter. I found another site. a leftist political site, which is telling its readers not to use Internet Explorer.

Thats a fine workaround, iffin you ask me, but it doesn't resolve the basic problem.

Apparently according to this announcement Site Meter did an update on July 31st. An update which will bring down every website which uses it until a fix is implemented.

The funny part is that Site Meter won't let you contact them about their product. I wonder how long it will be before Site Meter will get notification it has a serious problem with the flagship product?

My guess will be Monday.

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