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Posted by: badanov

The northern sector was where the action was in this game.

Once the Rube's tanks were basically shot up. I sent all four Naval rifle companies in the seize the prize, carefully.

]The Northern front appeared to be the weakest, and indeed it was with a single Naval Infantry mechanized rifle company in the area.

But it turned out that area was where the Iranian (AIs) main effort would be. Not a lot of tanks in that area, but a battalion of Iranian rifles for the northern objective set.

Te problem for the Russians was getting good observation position for forward observer team to await the arrival of Iranian infantry.

Add to that a sector with a stream running east to west which had only two fords in four miles. I took the brilliant measure of destroying all the bridges which crossed that stream as a means of slowing the Iranians down, so I was unable to move anything across the stream except at one of the fords.

Once the objective was occupied and I found out just how much infantry was really there I was forced to reinforce with a Naval Infantry platoon and a single tank tasked to cross a two mile stretch of hard ball. That highway was not cleared and it was not certain there was enemy activity there.

I was only able to ban the area using UAVs before sending in the relief force.

I had one FO at an area I figured was pretty good for supporting the objectives but it turned out to be blocked.

It looked for a while as though everything was going wrong, because a tiny Iranian force was attempting to back-door the objective area. It was a good thing one platoon was sent to that area to guard the back-door.

Anyway, here is the final view of the northern sector:

badanov's Marines face an angry and armed crowd near a nameless village

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