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Battles three and four are in.

Battle three was the second best performance to date: 18,113 points

Battle four was the best for points, worst for APCs:

Anyway the score to date is:

Battle Three

Points: 18113, 50,777 total points in three games.

Destroyed Tanks: 72

Iranian casualties: 386

Total Distance: 9 kilometers

Decisive/Marginal Victories/Draws: 3, 0, 0

Battle Four

Points: 19951, 70,728 total points in three games.

Destroyed Tanks: 65

Iranian casualties: 663

Total Distance: 12 kilometers

Decisive/Marginal Victories/Draws: 4, 0, 0

Battle Three:

MBTs of August Campaign

Battle Four

MBTs of August Campaign

After the Georgian Invasion last week, the Rooshuns are definitely the odds on favorite to become 2009s Rube of Honor. Stay tuned.

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