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The current "dick contest" between NATO and the Russian Black Sea fleet reminds me of a miniatures game I read a description from in the old miniatures gaming days:

It seems a Russian carrier task force consisting of one Russian aircraft carriers one Russian missile cruiser and several escorts were sallying forth through the Dardanelles, opposed only by an Italian carrier task force.

Yes, the Italians have a carrier; it is a Harrier carrier but a carrier nonetheless.

Anyway, the Russian get through into the eastern Mediterranian and start to launch air patrols consisting of pairs of YAK-38s. The Italian similarly launch a patrol consisting of Harriers. Sometime during the patrol, the two air groups converge and engage; splash one Russian Yak, the other escapes and returns to base.

The Italian commander, upon hearing a report of an air to air engagement, prepares an air strike, while the Russians just let the missiles fly.

Before the Italian CVBG commander can even mount a strike, the Russian missiles hit the carrier. The Italian carrier is set afire. In the meantime, Italian escort ships find the Russian and launch missle of their own.

Several Russian ships are hit and then withdraw to the Black Sea.

Meantime, the Italian commander is fighting a massive fire trying to keep from abandoning ship, drawing all kinds of terrible dice rolls.

I'll never forget the last sentence. The Italian carrier in the final turn sunk, that was the bad news, the good news being the fire was finally put out just before it sank.

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