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Posted by: badanov

I am going to transform some elements of the various web sites I have written into php, including the Free Fire Zone.

FreeFireZone, the front page at least is in php now as we speak. You can see it here. although I am still debugging it for this elusive logic problem which prevent some graphics displays.

The back end, the maintenance scripts and the user comments scripts will all continue to be perl, partly because of the large comfort zone I have writing code in perl and partly because I do not think php is especially sufficient in those specific areas.

Another problem for me is regular expressions. The means php has for rendering regex is totally unacceptable.

php makes sense in some elements of a website, especially the front page as well as any other pages. It is easy to code and apparently easy to maintain. I really think users are uncomfortable switching from an essentially non-front page to a per cgi script.

I have been thinking about converting some of my web sites into php for some time,going to the public library and checking out books on php, as well as javascript. The wife is out of town at the moment,so this seemed like a perfect time.

You know you're a nerd when the first thing you can think of doing while the wife is gone is coding in php.

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