Spammers Be Gone II subject logo: UNIX
Posted by: badanov

The wargame club forum was so badly infested with spam we had to password protect it.

Now they have followed on to the main wargame club site where I am fighting a pitched battle in keeping their garbage off my bulletin board.

Yesterday they planted a redirect on one post so I was forced to kill all clickable links and replace them with the "REDACTED URL" message. Also spammers flood entries with messages over the length they should be so, they get banned almost as soon as their next ack. Those messages never see the light of day, so they outnumber the ones that do by ten to one.

Also, the wargame club main page featured the last five posts on the bulletin board, now it is restricted to members posts only, defeating another angle they seem to follow.

One of the funnier aspects of this is that three state government sites are compromised to the point they assist spammers in redirecting URLs to the actual sales site, specifically, Nebraska, Georgia, and Oklahoma State University.

You'd think with all the billions they have at their disposal, they would get some things in IT right but they never do.

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