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Part of a series of the Top 25 in college football is being published by the Fort Word Star Telegram. Today's installment is Florida.

The analysis appears to be very accurate save for one detail: The writer points out the Florida will have two tests this year.

The first test, according to the article, will be when they host Tennessee, likely to be in the top five this season.

The second test will be LSU at New Orleans. We completely agree those will be tests that Florida must win to be in contention for an SEC title.

We believe, however, that Florida's first true test will be when the Gators host Wyoming in their season and home opener.

Wyoming is generally thought to be the top football team in the Mountain West Conference this year. According to the Sports Illustrated Spring Top 25, Wyoming will be returning 17 starters, all juniors and seniors, and under coach Joe Glenn, the team has been improving for two years straight.

It is unlikely Wyoming will beat Florida, but it could be close.

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