Chavez Offers Isla Margarita to the Rooshuns subject logo: MILGAM
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From Six Meat Buffet comes a reference to a story that commie dictator Hugo Chavez has offered an island to the Russians to base their long range bombers.

The island is probably Margarita Island just off the coast of Venezuela.

The link shows the apparent location of the island relative to South America, but the follow pics show some details including a modern airport called Santiago Marino International Airport in the south central part of the island:

This shows some detail of the airfield itself with a single large probably commercial jet aircraft parked.

Porlamar airfield

This shows the location of the airfield relative to the island:

Porlamar airfield at Porlamar Island

Wikipedia reports that Chavez announced plans to build a naval base to air in drug interdiction on the island. This airport is a logical place for any naval aviation.

It could be fun planning a naval or air strike against a known and hostile enemy in the face of a national government that regards Chavez as neither.

I'm partial to cruise missiles, myself.

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