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I have added a game turn notification bit to each players record. You can access it by logging in to your account.

At the moment there are no applications written, but what will be done follows:

Any current battle on the newgames list will have a small colored indicator showing which player wishes to be notified when a game turn is ready. It will simply entail an act by one side of clicking a link which will send an email to the player notifying him that a game turn has ended and the file has been sent.

This system will work only if you have an up to date cookie on your browser which will identify you as one element of a particular game who is permitted to inform his opposite a game turn is over and a file has been mailed.

The system will also permit members who have logged in and who have an up to date cookie to see the link to click it. Any non member or member who is inactive or who do not have an up to date cookie on their browser will not be shown the link

The plan is also to make email addresses visible only to members who have an up to date cookie on their browser. This will prevent web "scraping" programs from harvesting emails.

Soon to come: I will begin the process of automating the clearing of old current games which have not been finished but which still are as active. The plan is for the system to search every Friday for games which are six months old and list them. The system will then search the logs to see if the player really has been inactive that whole time, or if it is an MP game ( which I understand takes longer than your average game ) and if they and their opponent have been inactive, the system will set the game as ABANDONED and will assess both sides a ten point battle point penalty, as well as set the two player accounts as inactive.

In the case in which one side has been active, the active side will be given 30 days to find the opponent. The email will give the active element some links to click, a few choices. If the opponent doesn't respond, ( and an email link will be there to help mark it )then the game will be marked as ABANDONED and one side, the inactive side, will take the hit. Life goes on.

Other links in the information email are as follows:

1) mark the game as ABANDONED and take the ten point hit.
2) Recast the game, in which the game will be marked as ABANDONED but no penalty to be assessed. In this case both members must register as new game within ten days or take the ten point hit.
3) Continue the game with no penalty. A hidden date field will be set and the system will check for that date in six months. If the game is not resolved by then,then both sides take the ten point hit. Only intervention by the gamemaster will stop the marking as ABANDON of the game.

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