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Found this little tidbit from Little Green Footballs, of all places.

The thrust of the article is the there is not much the US can do to respond with the Norks continued work in developing a nuclear weapons capability, except prepare for war.

What stood out for me was the passage that described one scenario in which the US would require a million armed effectives in which an additional 100,000 civilians would be casualties.

That is an army level formation, easily available to both the US and South Korean forces with just the current forces there already plus the "roundouts" that would be deployed by the US in the event of war.

I didn't see any discussion on the military problem of space and time, which is a critical consideration for both sides of a future war; this was after all wired.com.

I think I described the discovery some time back about how despite all the advances in logistics and the availability of transport aircraft, a force deployment still takes a minimum of 30 days from cutting the orders to actual deployment, only a slight improvement from 60 days it took to place the full US 8th Army on the Korean peninsula in the summer of 1950. That speculation is along with the likelyhood of air and sea borne forces landing behind the lines just prior to an invasion.

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