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Posted by: badanov

Stories like this make me think sometimes that Glenn Beck is nancy Pelosi's butt boy.

Why else would Beck on a TV program state in panicked language that visiting a government website constitutes consent to be monitored.

If Beck had himself visited any DoD sites in the last ten years he would be very familiar with the consent to monitor disclaimer.

But now that is it a scandal in the clearly technologically challenged Beck, there are countermeasure to monitoring by the government, first amongst those is to just not visit government websites at all.

This method will work every time.

But in case beck and his followers can buck up their personal courage and visit government websites, a number of countermeasures are available.

Don't use Windows unless it is on a computer behind at least a trusted hardware firewall.

Once you have bravely navigated the government website, clear all cookies from your browser. It is a good idea also to get an anti-spyware software suite suck as Search and Destroy which will monitor registry changes to your Windows computer so to allow you to prevent unwanted changes which could actually allow the government to track your browsing history.

You can also log into a web proxying service which will mask your true location and make it very difficult to track you once you have logged out of the web proxy service.

But the best thing you can do about this problem is to stop listening to Glenn Beck.

The man is an idiot.

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