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Round the horn:.

Next is configuring the CUPS server: Starting with thislink, you should closely follow the instructions.

As the article states, the main problem with configuring CUPS is in permissions. Starting out you should make the constrictions as broad as possible, then tightening them once the server is configured.


AuthType None
Order Deny,Allow
Deny From None
Allow From All

The only socket you should configure is:

Port 631

Set :

SystemGroup wheel
LogLevel debug
User root
Group daemon
BrowseAddress @LOCAL

You should download the correct PPD file from Linux Printing and place it on the default directory. You will need to download all the PPD files for all the printers you want to serve.

Start the server:

Since my internal servers are all run headless, I must log in from a GUI client and start the configuring the actual printer. You point your browser to the CUPS server. It is not necessary to be running a web server:

When you add the printer make certain 1) the printer is attached to the proper comm port, in this case /dev/lptr0 and make certain this is the selection you use when you set up the printer, and 2) make sure the port indicated is the parallel port and not any of the Unix sockets, since the printer is hooked up locally to the printer server,

If you haven't downloaded the relevant PPD file, you can still use raw printing, but that will complicate installation. Complicate, but not eliminate.

Then, you can send a printer test page to ensure local printer is working through CUPS.

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