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Posted by: badanov

A.P. Lawrence has an article up about an Indian Unix fella talking about the genius of the perl programming language.

The gist of the article, as I read it, is that the modules repository known as CPAN is the element that make perl a "genius" programming language.

My opinion is:

The main advantage from the point of view of web programming is that CPAN has modules that eliminates the need to break into the shell for needed functions, such as md5 and sha.

Ultimately it comes down to name spaces. Perl has 'em. but php doesn't, and python has an apparently slightly esoteric means of dealing with scope. Perl doesn't need CPAN because of name spaces unless a program must interface with another application, such as databases or the X-server.

I never learned c but as I understand it most pure non-module programmed functions can translate easily into c.

Translation: Unless I need to interface with a database or program a GUI interface, a CPAN module is really unnecessary, save for web programming.

CPAN is a terrific resource if you don't want to do any extra programming, or, as Lawrence says, you don't want to use other people's code.

I have to use CPAN modules because breaking into the shell is a Generally Bad Idea™ in web programming.

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