The Genius of perl? An Addendum subject logo: UNIX
Posted by: badanov

I wanted to add some more information about using perl modules. The script which enables me to post this story aside from the PostgreSQL database modules also uses a date module as well as the CGI module.

In fact I couldn't create a web script without the CGI module. But since perl is so flexible, I could use a background perl script to dump out this page as an html document. It would be a royal PITA, but it can be done.

But I couldn't run perl as a web script without the CGI module.

In the wargame club I make extensive use of the as a unique identifier to any number of database features even though md5 is a base program in FreeBSD.

I am about as far from a genius as you can get and still do web programming, so I seriously do not understand how the existence of perl modules make perl itself a "genius" language. The language itself is pure genius to be sure, and it at times can be a PITA if you have to de-obfuscate other people's code.

I guess the writer of the original article is a genius, because I just don't get it.

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