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Working on the local network web server, I have been designing a user interface for the wargame club that will allow commanders and members to operate military units, those they command as well as any subunits.

Previously when I attempted to use a separate set of scripts to create and seed military units, the interface was awful from an aesthetic perspective. Unless you had a grounding in what I was trying to do, the interface was difficult, I suspect.

No one ever used it but me.

Now that I am trying to move the club closer to a campaigns mode, the interface is becoming much more critical. At the moment the only thing I have accomplished so far is a means to display on a simple grid location of opposing units. Where before in a commander's console it would have been easier to simply list units a commander can command, the graphical interface becomes much more important in terms of facility.

What I hope to wind up with is a set of scripts that will be appealing to the wargamer on several levels allowing club members to plan and execute operations done not just by tactical game playing, but allowing the computer to take over basic repetitive tasks.

At the moment I have a working script that allows units which are properly supplied and deployed with an appropriate enemy target to conduct routine patrols, the outcomes of which will determine several issues such as losses inflicted as well as losses suffered, and basic intelligence. Another planned but yet to be implemented automated task is to allow commanders to combine a number of resources for small probes against an enemy unit with a limit on the number of elements of around two to three percent of the total forces.

For example, a divisional commander will be able to put together an operation which will include three percent max of his 5600 rifles, 324 submachine gunners, and 124 medium machine guns and 120 81mm/82mm mortars for a probe. One per operation per unit only. One per month. The probe outcome will be determined by the AI ( such as it is ) based on several factors such as enemy supply level,morale level, and so on. Losses will be recorded and applied with the result being the attacking commander will have a better picture of his enemy.

Critical to this project is the interface. It has to be intuitive and most of all secure. Right now wargaming is pretty much dead, so when it returns I want to make this interface ready when it does.

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