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I said sometime back about the kind of quarterback West Virginia;s Patrick White would be, especially after he beat Georgia in 2006.

But nothing this man has done to date so far has outshone what he did this past Veteran's Day:

"As the veterans left the field, one Miami Dolphin, Pat White, jogged over to them and shook every one of their hands," Diehl said. "It was the highlight of the game for me to see there is at least one player in the NFL that understands what these people have given up for us." White, a rookie quarterback from West Virginia, said Friday he has no direct ties to the military -- nor has he ever had any desire to enlist. White does, however, have a great deal of admiration for the job of a soldier. "Anytime I hear a gun shot, I'm running the other way," White said. "I guess that's probably why I respect them so much."

Thanks, Mr White, for exemplifying what it means to be a pro.

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