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One of the shining grails of the Linux movement way back in 2003 was city German city of Munich had decided to convert its 21,000 desktop computers from Microsoft Windows to Linux. At the time, I had read about it, and at the time I was working in an environment in my family's company to convert it to Linux.

It was already RedHat on the backend network servers, but the goal was to move all the computers ( about 10 ) to Linux end to end.

This was the highwater mark of the Business Software Association's drive to go after businesses which had software licensing problems.

It turns out that a butt load of programming was required to make this happen along with all the attendant tasks required to maintain the system.

Not my area. I was big ( and still am ) on Linux on the dektop, but for the business it was just not practical.

I found this Linux via the Linux Haters Blog.

The great shining example of the strength of Linux turns out the be the brown steaming pile of desktop computing.

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