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Yahoo! Sport analyst Terry Bowden thinks Texas could hit the trifecta this year.

Big 12 Southern Division Title, Big 12 Title outright, and will get a crack at the national championship, possibly against Southern Cal.

Here in Oklahoma, that is Blasphemy. And as we have indicated elsewhere anything said positive about Texas means only one thing: Texas will beat Oklahoma this year. In Sooner circles, them is fightin' words. At Oklahoma University itself, losing to Texas is the Unpardonable of Unpardonables for an OU coach.

Okay, enough hype. Why does Bowden think Texas will run roughshod over the Big 12 this year?

Apparently at Austin there is a perfect convergence of positives for the Longhorns. Try, for example, seven starters returning on defense this year. Texas appears to have a well balanced, salty, and aggressive defense.

The second element of this is the quarterback, Vince Young, a pre-season Heisman Trophy candidate and a threat on the run as well as the pass. Bowden reports that the Texas offensive line is the best coach Mack Brown has ever had. That spells a great season for the Longhorns.

The final element to this convergence, a new defensive coordinator, Gene Chizik, who ran the top scoring defense at Auburn last year.

But as the story goes, Texas faces a huge challenge early this year, at Ohio State, thought by Bowden to be a possible finalist in the BCS this year. This game is a true must-win for both teams. Ohio State must dispose of this challenge to have any hope for a BCS berth, and Texas must do the same, but on the road.

Bowden seems to think that if Texas wins this game, they will go on to defeat Oklahoma and win everything this year. So, the national championship game may well wind up being the Texas/Ohio State game.

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