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Most of the implications of massive state tax increase will not impact Oregon for a couple of years yet.

Yet, there will be a near immediate impact as small businesses flee the state to avoid a tax on gross revenues.

Oregon is a double digit unemployment state at 11 percent, and that is probably going to go up and probably within a few months, and will likely not go down when the nationwide economy recovers. Small businesses will implement countermeaures such as layoffs to offset these odious taxes.

The complaint in the linked article blame transplanted California liberals for the passage of the referenda, but it is clear to me that many poor voters were scared by the charge ( probably true ) by unions that schools would close if taxes weren't increased.

When I was helping to raise my daughters we did what a number of other couples were doing: using the schools as a babysitting service as both parents worked. Using empathy, facing the prospect of having to actually pay for daycare was scary.

Even so, the tax increase was the wrong thing to do and will be provably so within a very short time. Jobs will be destroyed. Bureaucrats' domains will be preserved.

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