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A writer writing for American Thinker expresses her concern for folks who placed their hopes in the verbal promises of a single individual, in this case, Barak Obama.

Drawing from the historical novel writer by Isaac Bashevis Singer, she draws strong parallels between the characters in the novel Satan in Goray" and in the same supporters who brought a novice and a huckster into the most powerful job in the world.

In this writing, two things jumped out at me:

  1. Concern for the negro supporters of Barak Obama. What are they going to do when they realize the only answer this carney has is oppression and control in the form of ever larger government that not only strips away the substance of the "rich", but also those of everyone else?

    Whatever Obama supporters do, it will certainly suck to be us.

    It has so far.

  2. The quote:

    In Singer's portrayal, the destruction wrought by this false belief is even worse than that of the massacres themselves. The real source of catastrophe, the novel implies, isn't evil, but hope. The most horrifying ideas can only succeed by building on people's willingness to succumb to evil as a means to an end, out of hope for a better world.

    from an explication of the Singer novel strikes home on many levels. The writer of the American Thinker author goes for the long ball, and this quote brings a national social problem into sharp focus, at least for those of us who fail to use race in their every waking thought.

At least we already know the insanity that awaits us when just a tiny part of the co-conspirators realize the trouble they are in for foisting this miserable excuse of a leader on us.

Maybe it has already arrived.

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