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Elements of the Mexican Army and Navy report six dead criminals and one dead solder in the Mexican state of Nayarit today, say Mexican news reports.

Reports are Mexican defense units began to move to the area earlier in the week around the Los Sabinos farm on the Bellavista and Francisco I. Madero highway because during the week seven people were executed. Residents in the area also reported observing a convoy of luxury vehicles with armed suspects aboard in the area.

Soldiers of the 13th Military Zone of Tepic and sailors from the 6th Naval Zone of San Blas conducted sweeps searching for narcotics criminals through cane plantations and ranches earlier in the week.

The actual fighting began at about 0600 hrs Friday near Francisco I. Madero, about 13 kilometers from Tepic. A subsequent engagement at a safe house near the ranch Las Lombrices presumably kept by the armed suspects began around 1348 hrs following a raid on the residence. One suspected gunman died in this phase of the operation.

More fightfights erupted shortly after following further sweeps in the area by military forces and yielded at least one dead gunman.

The operation in the area concluded at about 1448 hrs when forces began to withdraw from the area. Casualty reports place the toll at at six dead and six wounded suspects, and one dead and six wounded military personnel.

Mexican military forces seized six vehicles, 15 rifles and two hand grenades in the operation

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