WinSPMBT: Putting Together a Mexican Rifle Squad subject logo: MILGAM
Posted by: badanov

WinSPMBT does not have Mexico in their nations selections. They have Paraguay and Uruguay; they even have San Salvador. But no Mexico.

The first slot in the basic Mexican rifle squad in WinSPMBT terms would be a choice between the 7.62x51mm NATO G3A2 rifle and the NATO 5.56mm FX-05 Xiuhcoatl rifle. The FX-05 Xiuhcoatl is a recent addition to the Mexican arsenal, so it is less likely to be issued to regular troops.

In the second slot, the standard SAW would be a choice between the 7.62x51mm NATO HK-21 SAW and the NATO 5.56mm M-249 SAW. The venerable 7.62x51mm NATO M-60 medium machine gun is another option.

The third slot would likely be either the B-300 antitank rocket or the LAWS antitank rocket.

The final slot would be hand grenades.

Mexican Federal agents, which would be considered as troops would be armed similarly ( Mexican Federal agents haul around the G3A2 assault rifle) minus the AT systems.

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