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Google Translate with a hat tip to Nota Roja for the details.

Three armed suspects were killed and five more were wounded as well as more than a ton of marijuana and other related materiel were seized in a drug raid conducted by the Mexican Army in Guadalupe, Nuevo Leon Tuesday night, according to Mexican press accounts.

The Secretaria de la Defensa Nacional (SEDENA) were given an anonymous tip of a drug operation near the intersection of calles Chopo and Canelo in the Bosques del Country district in the Guadalupe municipality.

As soon as soldiers arrived on the scene they were fired upon. The ensuing firefight lasted several minutes. No soldiers were reported hurt in the exchange.

More than a ton of marijuana was seized along with 17 arrested, among them children, several assault rifles, other armaments and hand grenades. Also seized were two Ford vans, one with a furniture company label and a Chevrolet Captiva SUV. The vans were packed with marijuana.

The Mexican Army said the bust was of a major drug operation in Nuevo Leon.

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