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Six dead armed suspects and more than five tons of marijuana seized are the toll in counternarcotics operations by Mexican Naval Infantry and the Mexican Army, according to Mexican news reports.

Mexican Marines encountered a group of armed suspects riding in convoy aboard SUVs near Matamoros, near the US border. When the suspects discovered the Marines, they opened fire, then withdrew to Ciudad Victoria when the Marines returned fire.

When the Marines closed towards the group another firefight erupted, this time with six dead suspects, one wounded and two arrested.

Marines seized three SUVs, a 5.56mm M-4 assault rifle, an AK47 assault rifle, eleven magazines and a large number of cartridges.

Reports are the suspects were members of the criminal gang Los Zetas.

Meanwhile, elements of the Mexican Army 8th Military Zone searching near Reynosa, Tamaulipas found a pickup truck hidden in brush with several kilo packages of marijuana aboard. A subsequent search of the area turned up a warehouse where was found more than five tons of marijuana.

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