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Elements of the Mexican Army 8th Zone killed five armed suspects after being attacked Tamaulipas, according to Mexican news reports.

The gunfight stems from an apparent kidnapping case where members of the criminal gang Los Zetas kidnapped five PEMEX employees and two of a contracting firm two months ago. Authorities were only alerted two days ago of the crime, which took place at Cuenca de Burgo, in the north of Tamaulipas.

Elements of the Mexican Army were conducting search sweeps near the PEMEX well Arcos No. 145 near Ciudad Mier near a gap which leads to the well. Armed suspects were apparently hiding in cars when they opened fire on the soldiers, who returned fire, killing five armed suspects.

Seized were: nine rifles, more than 11,300 cartridges, 99 magazines, four grenades, and two stolen cars.

PEMEX has requested military help in guarding natural gas production wells. A spokesman for the Mexican petroleum company said the organized crime activity is affecting production in the area.

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