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Two dead armed suspects and one dead Mexican soldier is the toll from a lengthy confrontation between elements of the Mexican Army and suspected armed gang members in San Luis Potosi, say Mexican news reports.

The confrontation began at 0420 hrs. in Rio Verde in the Prolongacion Escandon district when elements of the 65th Infantry Battalion arrived at a location in response to an anonymous tip reporting armed suspects.

Soldiers were fired with rifles and hand grenades upon the moment they arrived. For more than four hours neighbors in Cruz Verde, La Huerta, Insurgentes and Prolongacion Escandon districts listened as a firefight raged between the Mexican Army and suspected gang members.

Residents during this time were not allowed to leave their homes. Several homes were raided by the army. More than 300 soldiers supported the operation along with a helicopter flying in support. At about noon, a convoy of 20 vehicles carrying Mexican Federal agents arrived.

The firefight ended about 1800 hrs.

Three soldiers were wounded in addition to three civilians. The soldiers were evacuated to a hospital.

Seven prisoners were arrested, including three women. Ten rifles, an unspecified number of fragmentary hand grenades, military uniforms, four vehicles and other materiel were seized.

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