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Details from the Mexican press are emerging which show that the murder of a Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI) politician Tuesday morning was performed with military like precision and may have used inside information, according to Mexican press reports.

Tamaulipas gubernatorial candidate Rodolfo Torre Cantu was shot to death along with four others in his entourage on a stretch of road in Tamaulipas Tuesday morning in an ambush that witnesses say was executed by men wearing Mexican Navy uniforms who were specifically targeting Torres Cantu.

Shortly before 1000 hrs, Torre Cantu left his home for a 20 minute drive to the General Pedro Jose Mendez airport in Cuidad Victoria for his campaign. Just before entering the 6.5 kilometer Soto La Marina road and just in front of the Parque Cientifico y Tecnologico, the convoy came upon a truck travelling at low speed.

Just ahead another truck or trailer crossed the road, effectively blocking it. The lead truck stopped suddenly causing Torre Cantu's vehicle to collide with it. The trailing Chevrolet Tahoe, carrying part of the security detail narrowly avoided colliding into the lead vehicle of the convoy by swerving to the left and stopping.

From behind two trucks marked as belonging to the Mexican Navy stopped at the rear on either side of the halted convoy, discharging men who were apparently dressed as Mexican sailors.

The security detail exited their vehicle to inform the sailors who it was they were guarding. Torre Cantu also exited his vehicle with his security detail, and at that moment, armed suspects from the lead truck exited their vehicle and open fired on the candidate.

Reports say investigators found between 80 and 120 spent shell casings of various calibers.

The candidate fell mortally on he shoulder of the road. Reports say that Torre Cantu usually did not travel on the road, preferring to fly and usually had security with him when he did.

Latest Mexican national news report suggest three of the vehicles used in the murder have been found in a rural district of the Guemez municipality.

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