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Updated with additional information concerning a new PGR investigation of those rescued and an updated list of contraband seized.

Elements of the Mexican Army conducted a raid in a northern Monterrey, Nuevo Leon neighborhood Friday night rescuing nine unidentified people and arresting eight unidentified suspected kidnappers, according to Mexican press reports.

However, the Procuraduria General de la Republica (PGR), the Mexican national attorney general's office, announced Saturday that all seventeen people involved in the operation would be investigated concerning the nature of their involvement. The PGR had suspicions that some of the nine rescuees were also involved with organized crime.

At about 2000 hrs. a detachment of the Mexican 7th Military Zone cordoned off an area near the intersection of calles Apodaca and Teran in the Topo Chico district and initiated a firefight with armed suspects in the area, which lasted several minutes.

The cordon was apparently successful because an unreleased number of suspects attempted to clear the area but were caught by the army. Civilians in the area took shelter in their homes as the battle raged. Medical personnel were called in to assist at least two who developed medical conditions caused by the gun battle.

Weapons seized by the army included three handguns, three submachine guns, an AK-47 assault rifle, several weapons cartridges, eight magazines, an ice chest used to keep victims' cell phones, bullet proof vests, military uniforms, six sets of handcuffs and two packets of drugs.

Victims told authorities they were kidnapped after suspects approached their homes or businesses disguised as police.

One of the victim said that there were more than 40 people at the location the day before, and that people were coming and going all the time in vans and other vehicles.

The victims also said the kidnappers also beat them and used other forms of physical coercion while in their custody.

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