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Most of the fighting in Reynosa, Tamaulipas has ended as elements of the Mexican Army have taken over police checkpoints in various parts of the city, according to Mexican press reports.

Fighting between elements of the the Mexican Army and criminal gangs flared up yesterday as gun battles were fought in the streets.

Reynosa city officials warned residents Tuesday through Twitter to remain indoors.

During the fighting, a number of roadblocks were thrown up by criminal gangs in several areas, some concentrated in the Villa Florida district in western Reynosa where a number of industrial plants are. Reports at the time said the roadblocks coincided with the ending of the Tuesday morning shift of American owned factories in the area.

Reports are a total of six dead, including three soldiers, a civilians and two gang members, and an additional seven wounded in the fighting.

The Mexican Army is apparently taking over checkpoints on all major roads leading into Reynosa including roads that connect Matamoros, Ciudad Victoria, Monterrey and Nuevo Laredo. The effort is to block additional ingress into the city by criminal gangs.

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