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According to the AP sports writer Mary Foster, Les Miles is expected to take Louisiana State University (LSU) into the SEC championship game and beyond.

Miles was formerly the Oklahoma State head coach when LSU's then coach Nick Saban moved on to the NFL.

The article is pretty standard feature story stuff. Miles walks into a top football program and all the fans are expecting great things from the team. And Miles greets the expectations enthusiastically.

Great things such as 11 plus wins this year.

Our view is LSU will be lucky to win nine games this season. Why?

Miles doesn't have a system for his team. He trains them, conditions them, and makes plans, which are very loose and if the plans fall through he makes adjustments and finishes the year strong.

Miles doesn't have an offensive style or a defensive style. It's whatever works and if whatever he plans for works, he carries that plan until his team loses a game, and then it is time to adjust.

Another reason is the Alabama is a real dark horse this year assuming Brodie Croyle, the 'Bama QB, stays healthy. We believe that Alabama could beat LSU this year, and he think that Miles won't be ready for any aftermath.

Lastly, and more importantly is the competition is a lot tougher. Tennessee is one of the top three teams in the nation in virtually every poll since spring training. Florida is much better team than it was last year, albeit with a new coach, Steve Spurrier of from Utah. And then there is a hungry Alabama.

If our prognostication proves wrong, we can attribute it to Miles' coaching and to the deep talent base LSU has. If we are right, you can lay it on Miles alone.

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