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This list compiled by Sports Ticker writer Aaron Rennie are all important and pivotal games throughout the 2005 NCAA football season.

The earliest game considered of some importance is Florida State and Miami. FSU has suffered losses of some important starters, including a quarterback, versus a team that has been drained of talent through graduations, and pro drafts.

Head coach Bobby Bowden is focusing on the Miami game primarily because it will be such a tough game for them. We'd say the FSU's early schedule will be a tough one because they play new ACC team Boston College at Boston. The Seminoles also play Syracuse this year again, a team they beat by just 4 points last year.

We'd like to point out, however, that another season opener, Wyoming at Florida, will be a test of Florida, one we suspect the oddsmakers think the Gators will win, and for all the usual reasons: a great quarterback in Chris Leak, and great offensive line, and a good defense.

But this game is more important because of a strong Wyoming team, thought by the Moutain West media earlier this summer to wind up in first place in their conference. Other analysts seem to think that Utah will finish first with Wyoming in second, given the breathtaking run at the BCS Utah had last year under now Florida coach Urban Myers.

Wyoming is returning 17 starters, a great scenario for any team in the NCAA Div I tier, and we believe that Wyoming will be very good in this first test of their own in Gainesville. This is a game where Florida must handily defeat a very good team in order to be a gage on their chances when their conference opener at home come two weeks later when Tennessee comes to play, Sept. 17th.

We believe that if the Wyoming game is close, within four or less points, the Gators will definitely have a hard time the rest of the season. We therefore believe if the game is decided in Florida's favor by two or more touchdowns, Tennessee will have a lot bigger worries coming in to Gainesville.

Another game, or rather a series of games, left out is Alabama's home stand against the monsters of the SEC, Florida, Tennessee and LSU. This schedule means to us Alabama has a pretty good chance of scoring at least one, maybe two upsets in its home turf. We say this because Alabama's returning starters on defense. Add to that Alabama quarterback Brodie Croyle will start the season. Croyle well proved his worth in the early games of last year before becoming injured.

We know we leave some games out, but they will become more apparent the deeper we get into the season.

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