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From: Chernarus Coastal Operations Group
Subject: Weekly Summary of Combat Operations, from October 7th, 2022, to October 13th, 2022 Inclusive.

Message begins:

The tempo of combat operations continue at a steady pace.

Chernarus Defense, Naval and air forces have engaged in four operations in four regions.

1) 1st Bn, Chernarus 10th Separate Tank Brigade sent a task force to Ratzlingen in Rosche Friday with orders to intercept a separatist armor heavy force.

7th Brigade operations department said that the separatist forces would make an attempt to take the town from the march, and that the task force must arrive there first to stop them.

Enemy covering forces in the form of a recoilless rifle vehicle attacked the task force's covering forces in town, but, along with a BRDM scout car and a heavy machine gun technical, the enemy vehicles were destroyed.

Once in town the task force suffered enemy gunship, infantry, and vehicle attacks, some infantry attacks of which penetrated deep inside the task force's defensive zone. By the time brigade issued new orders, the threat was eliminated.

At the new objective, the task force was attacked by two BTR-80As on the main highway and by several BMPs on their flanks. Tank 1 was damaged in a gunfight with an enemy T-55, but was repaired in the field.

Losses were very light. Command squad lost two.

Field counts of enemy losses include two BRDMs, three BMPs, three BTR-80As, one T-55 tank, and two technicals.

A film is available.

2) In western Leskovets, a task force assembled from 4th Bn, Chernarus 7th Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade was ordered to march on Salash in Leskovets after reports surfaced of increased enemy activity in the area.

Friendly covering forces began to engage enemy spearheads almost as soon as they arrived in Salash, complicating the deployment of follow on forces. The 2nd squad fought off some light infantry forces as it advanced into town, as command squad continued into the village.

In town, command squad fought off several enemy infantry attacks including from Wagner operators. 2nd squad suffered heavy casualties was well as they pressed on into the village.

Chernarus 10th Tank Brigade operations staff then ordered the task force to advance about 1.5 kilometers north northeast. By that time both BMP rifle squads were down to four infantry each.

Despite losses, and with reinforcements arriving, command squad reached the new objective, but by that time most of the enemy attacks ended.

As the task force was withdrawing they were fired on by Russian ministry of interior matters special operations troops, which failed to hit any vehicles.

Losses were heavy with 2nd squad and command squad losing eight each. Enemy losses were heavy as well, Field counts of enemy losses include one T-34/86, two BTR-80A, one BRDM and two technicals.

The task force was able to retreat to a rally point set in Damyanovo in good order.

A film is available.

3) A Chernarus naval infantry amphibious task force, from 2nd Bn, Chernarus 2nd Separate Naval Infantry Brigade was ordered to Dorida in Altis late Monday night, tasked with clearing the town of separatist affiliated forces, led by Kristijan Shkurti and an unidentified female minder.

The task force consisted of four naval infantry rifle squads, which were landed south of Dorida, then proceeded inland to clear a small hamlet of Russian speaking militia. Command squad completed the task of clearing the area as the other three rifle squads proceeded to their start points near Dorida.

Originally the tactical plan called for the entire task force to attack out of the hills in the south, sweeping through the town to its northern edge. Supporting the task force was a Hellenic Air Force F-4 fighter-bomber.

Air support took a strong hand in clearing the town of heavy vehicles by destroying two technicals, and enemy infantry. Some of the enemy included Wagner operators.

Instead of the original plan, the task force swept out of the hills with command squad attacking over open ground from the southeast to the location of the criminal command operative, Kristijan Shkurti. When the commander reached the operatives' hideout, they already were dead.

The other three rifle squads attacked through the town reaching the northern edge. 4th squad took up an anchoring position on the west side, fending off attacks from enemy reinforcements. During this, the commander, Captain Platanov was killed.
v The second in command attacked the three supply trucks they were tasked to destroy, but two enemy rifle squads were approaching from the northeast and northwest. Running low on ammunition, the commander ordered a general retreat.

4th squad was caught in a crossfire between the two approaching enemy forces, and attempted to hold its position as the other two rifle squads escaped back to the boats.

Commander moved back to the aid of 4th squad, fending off enemy attacks, but 4th squad still was unable to escape. By the time the two attacks were stopped, 4th squad was wiped out.

Losses were high with command squad and 2nd squad losing two each. The female operative was found and stripped of documents and a cell phone.

A film is available.

4) 2nd Bn, Chernarus 24th Separate Light Mountain Rifle Brigade sent a light infantry task force to a location one kilometer south of of Muratyn in Livonia, after battalion operations staff received intelligence about an enemy troop build up in the area.

Most critical in the operation was that an antiaircraft gun battery was deployed by separatist affiliated forces, which was a problem in future air ands recon ops in the region.

The area the enemy chose was thick forest cut by narrow roads. The task force marched up that road, then split with 2nd and 3rd squads moving in parallel on the west side, while command squad marched north on the east side.

Tanks led the attack, as the rifle elements advanced on a broad front. The tanks destroyed the enemy AA trucks as the rifles swept through the area. French speaking militia was deployed along with Spanish speaking militia.

The commander found two dead civilian criminal command operatives in the area, and stripped them both of intelligence materials, before retreating back to base.

Losses were extremely light with Tank 1 being destroyed, with its crew evacuating with Scout 1 scout car.

A film is available.

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