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This is going to be bad.

What we did see of LSU against was nothing less than jaw droppingly hard defense against Mississippi State at MSU.

MSU was the school we watched Auburn stomp 34-0 a few weeks ago even as the color guy was declaring how amazing the Bulldog defense was.

LSU held Auburn to a single touchdown, while the Auburn defense kept LSU from scoring even one touchdown.

The upshot to all this is that one of the Gators' starting running backs, Deshawn Wynn, was rated questionable for the LSU game. Only Florida is better at stopping the run in the SEC.

Where things get murky is LSU is the top total defense teams, while Florida is the top offense team in the SEC.

The difference is LSU is much better at stopping the pass than Florida. We like LSU chances in this game, except for the coaching factor, Urban Meyer versus LSU's Les Miles. Meyer is a better gamer than Miles.

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