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It appears that the higher powers have determined that Michigan should not have a rematch against Ohio State, and Florida should.

The BCS computer rankings, however, place Michigan and Florida as a dead heat, even thought Florida has one more game and one more victory than Michigan.

How can that be?

Try four, count 'em, four road games Florida had their whole season. Two against ranked opponents, one they lost. Of the other two one was won by one point, the other by six points.

Michigan had five road games. Two against ranked teams, one they lost by three points, one they blew out by 26 points, Notre Dame, a ranked opponent. None of their road games were closer than seven points. Heck, none of their games except for Ohio State was closer than seven points.

We have no problem with Florida going against Ohio State for the championship even though we think Florida will be playing above their level.

Our problem is with USC-Michigan. Michigan had a very good season this year. They won convincingly all their games save for the top ranked team which they lost by three. We know of no other one-loss BCS team that can claim wide margin wins the way Michigan can.

Michigan is going to eat USC alive. What we saw of USC in the Notre Dame game was a team which some bursts of excellence, but not very balanced in their defense. You can outshoot an opponent only for so long before it catches up to you, as it will in this game.

Whether you are a USC fan or not it will be painful to see how badly Michigan will maul the Trojans. They can dance all they want but they still have to close to make a punch.

We doubt they will connect.

We would much rather see a competitive game like Ohio State where the Buckeyes won't have a friendly stadium than what we will see in January 2007.

May as well enjoy it.

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