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We didn't see all of the USC Notre Dame game Saturday, but we did watch the last few minutes of the game. We were really trying at the time to get the bar to put on the Georgia Vanderbilt game, which was a chore considering OU was playing Kansas.

Anyone who did see it knew that Leinert pass to to Dwayne Jarrey for 61 yards in the USC final drive was essentially the game breaker. Before that play, you just knew USC was going down for the count.

This was one of the most intense endings to a college football game I had ever seen. Leinert managed to move USC to the two yard line, following the 61 yard catch and run, with two Reggie Bush rushes for 11 yards. A tackle on Leinert's running play, which made him cough up the ball, was at that moment controversial because Charlie Weis and Irish fans were already on the field celebrating. The clock had run out, the Trojan dynasty was over

But the officials had signaled the play dead, but the timekeeper apparently let the clock run out.

We had even heard a controversy was about the spotting of the ball but instant replay showed the ball did go out on the two yard line, not the five and the play should have been called dead at that moment.

Does this game portent the future for USC? Probably. USC will likely go on to play Texas for the national championship in January 2006. USC is unstoppable and has shown no penchant for anything other than solid football and play-making when it counts

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