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The link goes to a website containing links to several rap songs from Iranian hip hop artist Hichkas.

I first heard this guy watching the Bahman Ghobadi film No One Knows About Persian Cats, a film about the immense difficulties Iranian rock and pop artists have getting their music to the public even in private venues.

The music featured in the film was mostly pretty good music. I was most impressed by Hichkas, a rap artist who can't get his music heard in his own homeland.

Now, I know most of the people from my side of politics do not like rap, but you should reconsider with regard to Iranian rap. It is about real social injustices committed by the worlds worst oppressors, not the leftwing pro drug, anti cop and "bitches: bullshit published by own own spoiled brat hip hop artists. This Iranian rap music is real and heartfelt.

Anyone who mentions some kind of hip hop in conservative forums should be redirected to this guy's site and music.

No, I ain't going native, by the way. I just think these artists such as Hichkas should be given at least a listen.

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