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This is a case of yet another young writer who burst onto a conservative scene, who wows them, burns out, then exits.

The case of Tina Korbe is in some ways similar to Alex Knepper, the young gay writer from a Washington DC area college who ran afoul of David Horowitz and a henchman named David Swindle.

But in that case, the writer has posted material that was offensive, and probably criminal in some jurisdictions. The reaction from Swindle was unnecessary, in my opinion. Knepper's problem was he was trying to establish himself as separate from then popular liberal views by calling himself conservative. To date, Knepper has failed to marry a woman or sire a child, both hallmarks of being conservative.

Tina Korbe burst onto conservatives back in the spring of 2011 when she accepted a position at Hot Air as a third blogger. Hot Air was sold by Michelle Malkin in 2010 to another company, Salem Communications so it was her creation, but it was Salem Communications' publication all the way.

Ms. Korbe got her position ahead a a number of other much better seasoned writers, far ahead of where she should have been at that stage in her life, at 24.

Apparently she worked hard posting more than 1,300 posts between May, 2011 and April, 2012 when she left. She had been based in Washington DC where, according to the news release that heralded her newfound position, she could also interview politicians. She was regarded as a technically perfect writer.

She made enemies as well. While she had conservative views of social issues such as abortion and marriage, she was a supporter of Amnesty International. One of her Parthian shots was to accuse bloggers of thievery and of destroying newspapers by their very existence, which is a charge long ago discounted, at least by this writer. She probably has a number of other unsavory views about issues that drove conservatives batty, none of which surfaced during my brief investigation into this matter.

And she was a looker. Apparently not mentioned in all the news releases was the fact that she was a beauty pageant winner in northwestern Arkansas. That omission was a telltale sign.

Imagine: fresh out of university, graduated suma cum laude with a degree in journalism from the University of Arkansas, you are a writer for a thinktank, Heritage Foundation out of Stanford, when you get a gig as a writer in one of the top conservative blogs in the nation.

Then less than a year later, you wind up in Oklahoma at an obvious sinecure at a conservative think tank, the Oklahoma Public Polcy Council. The organization is an anti-public school outfit once funded in part of E.K. Gaylord,one of the owners of the Daily Oklahoman newspaper.

What happened? This young woman, who was praised fulsomely in a local news publication as becoming a household word was now back home in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Steep fall if you ask me.

And no one's talking. She left Hot Air presumably on good terms, except her departure was rather sudden.

I did not learn of her joining Hot air until the day before she left. Her hire was a disturbing sign that many conservative publications have been making of late of hiring females as writers even though they are simply not up to the task of writing about conservatism. They were hired because they are lookers first, writers second. And that they are young are an obvious hint that they were hired for their looks.

Breitbart does it and Salem Communications will probably do it again.

Liberals will never call them for their hiring based on gender. It fits in their agenda, and it makes those publications and their hires allies in the "cause." Conservative writers at those publications won't call then on it, if they want to keep their jobs,that is.

No one is talking.

Ever been called a sexist at a conservative environment? I have and it will drive you crazy. It drove me crazy enough to the point where I accused a female writer of giving blowjobs to editors to keep her job and keep the anti-male agenda going hard.

CNN has been staffing their commentators corral with young women like Korbe because, I suppose, they are malleable and easy on the eyes. Publications such as Hot Air get their name out on CNN, and CNN viewers get to view a pretty head full of mush spouting things they don't really believe it,

Someone benefits from this arrangement. But ain't conservatives.

Whatever impelled Korbe to leave a nationwide publication and go home, no one will say, not even the writer herself. Maybe that helps us, and maybe that helps conservatives. Her arrival and sudden departure doesn't put very positive light on publications who claim the mantle of conservatism.

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