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Did I mention I have a second 600 page manuscript I wrote 20 years ago? It was the one written on a System 23 computer (eight inch floppes, LOL) and printed out only on a computer printer so old that in 1991, when the manuscript was completed, I had a hard time finding a cartridge ribbon.

That's old!

Anyway, I tried to convert the manuscript from hard copy to digital using Kinko's Adobe Acrobat Pro and a flatbed scanner. Only $0.35 a minute. At that rate I could take four months and turn over about $400 of my hard earned money and get maybe 50 percent of it converted.

Such a deal!

So, I shopped around and found a place somewhere on the east coast and I sent them a sample page.

Every character had been read properly, as in every every character. I was impressed and I told the guy so.


I am including the URL for the company I will be using, so completely blown away I was for what has been done so far. I don't get a dime for this. If this service does the same for the other 601 pages, I want other writers to know about it.

It is a little pricey, but it will be worth it.

I am trying to get a third novel underway, which I will begin to write after the August release of my first book. I am looking to get it completed and ready to go by August Not that I have extra time to do it; With trying to stay abreast of the Mexican Drug War and Mexican national politics, I will have a completely full plate once the first novel is published.

Always a good thing, I s'pect.

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