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Goodbye to: AP Lawrence

His blog has been DOA for some time. I liked to visit his site if only for tips on Unix and Linux. He wuzza librul, BTW, NTTIAWWT.

Goodbye to: Pookie's Tunes

Though still in operation, I never visit.

Goodbye to: Red State

Only because I can't kill a journalist who was asleep while on duty, and taking money to be so.

Hello to: The Other McCain.

Robert Stacy McCain is a conservative independent journalist, pretty hard nosed individual, with whom I sometimes did disagree. Very passionate about his work and about what's right.

When I read about how he voted liberal in 1992, I felt sooo much better, like I could stop blaming myself for the coming disasters of a Clinton and Obama presidency.

Now I can just blame Robert Stacy McCain.

His assistant Smitty occasionally posts pics of his toddler, who is, as are all kids that age, kewt as can be.

Hello to Real and Simulated Wars.

I found his blog night before last and have enjoyed everything he has written on Arma 2.

If you have something to add, Fire Away!

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