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Uconn and Villanova will be playing for first in the Big East. Currently both teams are tied along with West Virginia for first at 9-1. Villanova wants the home court upset, but will they get it?

They could. At the moment, however, Uconn leads statistically in many many categories over Villanova, so the game could well come down to free throws for Villanova.

The only reason why we think Villanova has a chance to beat Uconn is because it is a Villanova home game. Uconn is red hot on offense but Villanova outscores it opponent in steals, turnover margin and rebounding margin.

Our thinking here is that if Uconn does jump to a ten or 15 point lead early, Villanova's defense can tighten up things in the paint while Villanova' offense can play catchup and reverse the slide.

As with many other teams, the Uconn giant has feet of clay when it comes to defense and this could give Villanova an advantage tonight.

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